Our Mission

To identify and treat young children with developmental delays and emerging social emotional concerns in the earliest months and years of life, in order to give every child we serve the chance to develop to his or her fullest potential and gain the greatest success and enjoyment of learning and life.

To apply and integrate in all our work the latest academic research and best clinical practice in the fields of child development, early childhood mental health, special education, and other therapeutic services in order to provide the highest quality of educational and therapeutic services to young children and their families.

To promote the expansion and improvement of child development and early childhood mental health services through advocacy for public policy initiatives and by providing training for educators, parents, therapists and other caregivers in the best use of early childhood principles.

young girls

“We believe deeply that early childhood is a time when you can have significant impact, when you set the foundation for school success and other successes in life. This is a critical moment and we bring to it an exceptional team of thoughtful, committed and caring professionals guided and supported by leading experts in the field. We can change children’s lives and help families.”

Evelyn J. Blanck, LCSW,
Associate Executive Director

Out of respect for the privacy of our children, the photos on this website are not of children in our programs.